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 Interest in Fulvic acid in the medical community is escalating as scientists and doctors throughout the world are beginning to discover fulvic acid and are starting to recognize its extraordinary potential. This is expected to increase significantly as people begin to understand the potential of this compound.

The medicinal value of fulvic acid is extremely interesting. More and more research and studies are documenting and proving what the medical profession in the Far East has known for centuries - that  fulvic acid is extremely beneficial for human health.

Going as far back as the Ming Dynasty of the 15th century, reports were documented showing  fulvic acids to have effective anti-inflammatory properties and blood coagulating agents.

Unfortunately, until recently Western medicine has been reluctant to recognize the therapeutic use of the fulvic acids. The lack of "proper" clinical data left much doubt and misconceptions about the benefits resulting in such claims being dismissed as unsubstantiated folklore and myth.

However, beginning in the late 1970’s, China began extensive clinical studies of fulvic acid.  Hundreds of research papers were published, many appearing in international journals and presented at various meetings outside of China.

Ultimately, western medicine could no longer ignore the interesting properties which are only recently getting the recognition they deserve.  And we are now finally able to reap the benefits of centuries old knowledge.

The majority of research and experimentation that has been done on fulvic acid is in relation to plants. Yet human beings have been ingesting fulvic acid complexes regularly for over 60 years in supplemental form, and for thousands of years from natural food and plant sources. Accumulating testimonies continue to show that the beneficial properties related to plant studies and cells hold true in relation to animals and humans as well, as clinical research is currently underway, and updated information will be forthcoming.

Uses are beneficial to humans and are not the only focus here. The known agricultural benefits have enormous potential to heal the world. Yet the majority of the agricultural community is critically unaware of the implications. Industrial use for treatment of sewage and landfill wastes, neutralization of radioactive and toxic wastes, and a myriad of other uses are just beginning to be realized. Fulvic acid has the potential to heal the Earth!

Preliminary findings show that the most prominent diseases and health problems of our day have been dramatically affected in positive ways by supplementation or treatment with fulvic acid and other preparations enhanced or created with fulvic acid.